Youth Choir Registration 2019-2020

Youth Choir Online Registration Form 2019-2020

Youth Choir Member Information

Parent/ Guardian Information

Medical/Developmental Information

Emergency Treatment Release Form 2019-2020

If I, the parent/guardian, cannot be reached, I request that Teresa Dody, Pastoral Assistant for Music, act in the best medical interest of my child. In the event of an emergency that requires 911 to be contacted, I agree to assume all financial responsibility for the transportation of, as well as any, and all medical treatment deemed necessary by the attending physician. I understand that all efforts will be made to contact the parent/guardian before transportation occurs. I also understand that the number one goal of the Pastoral Assistant for Music is to seek any and all needed help immediately.

Music Information

Youth Choir Covenant

I will attend rehearsals regularly on time and treat the Youth Choir as I would a sport or other important commitment I would participate in. I understand that participating in a choir is a team activity and that when I am absent from or late to rehearsal, I am doing a disservice to the rest of the choir. If I must be absent from the Youth Choir, I will inform the choir director as soon as possible. I will be respectful to all members of the Youth Choir, the choir director and any other persons helping with the Youth Choir. I understand that by being a member of the Youth Choir, I am a minister of Christ and a role model for others within the Church. I will dress appropriately for rehearsal and will follow the dress code when I minister at Mass with the Youth Choir. I understand that when I sing for Mass with the Youth Choir, I am ministering Christ to others, NOT performing. I will be a team player and support my fellow singers and musicians.

Youth Choir Photo Release Form 2019-2020

This release form is for the purpose of putting pictures of the Youth Choir on the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Website, as well as ministry brochures that go out to our parishioners. These pictures will also be sent by email to those who are in the Youth Choir. The intended use for these photos is to show the life and personality of our different music ministry groups to our parishioners and those who view our parish website. Pictures will not be used with the youths’ names without permission.

This form is valid for 5 years from the date of signing. Our Lady of Lourdes will seek renewed consent if the photograph(s) are to be re-used after that time.


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