Our Response to Racism

With the celebration of Juneteenth on June 19th and the current Black Lives Matter protests around the world, now is a time where we are called to listen to others and learn about racism in our own society. Here are some resources for you and your family.

Below are multiple resources that can be used to further your understanding of racism and the Black community. While we hold many goals in common with these groups that support the human dignity of every person, there are other goals that we differ on. We realize this and we recognize our similarities are greater than our differences in this situation, especially when others are rejecting the Christian teaching of the human dignity of our neighbors.

What is Juneteenth?

Statement on Racism

While Juneteenth celebrates the emancipation of Blacks from slavery, racism is still rampant in our country. Here is the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops' statement on racism after the killing of George Floyd:

What Can We Do?

As the video above highlights, we are called to action when faced with injustice. There are multiple things that we can do:

Personal Growth and Reflection

Family Discussions

Black Lives Matter and Other Organizations

Books and Articles
Worth Reading

As people, we continuously go through life learning and growing through new experiences. There are many of us that don't experience racism on a daily basis. In order to understand, we must listen to other people's experiences of racism in our society and the world and, no matter how hard it is and how uncomfortable it makes us feel, we have to also realize the roles we play in racism.

The best way to help create a better future is to support the next generation. If we help our children learn about the evils of racism and its presence in the world, they can help end the sin of racism not only in the future but in their schools and sports teams now.

UNICEF provides a guide on how to talk to your children on racism, based on their age. You can find that here. 

The Smithsonian also provides a list of books to help children understand racism, anti-racism, and protest. You can find the list here. 

Our Archdiocese has also put together an extensive resource page for people and families of all ages to use. You can find that here.

Black Lives Matter is a grassroots movement standing up to violence inflicted on the Black community, especially by state officials. There is a lot of misinformation spreading around on BLM so I encourage you to read about them and what they stand for here, on their website. We reject a number of points in BLM's agenda, but we align with and acknowledge their fight for racial justice and the end of police brutality. 

There are many other organizations that fight for racial equality, such as the NAACP, that you can support by donating money, time, or by praying for them. The Racial Equity Resource Guide provides an extensive list of these organizations here.

There are many articles and books being published on race and racism currently. Here are just a few recommendations from Catholic sources:

NPR also published a list of podcasts, books, and movies you can digest alone or with others. That list can be found here.