Music Ministry

Make a Joyful Noise to the Lord!

Do you sing or play an instrument? Are you interested in becoming more deeply involved in you parish community? Does music make you feel more connected with God? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, our music ministry program may be the right fit for you! We have many different types of groups with many levels of time and commitment. We also consist of many different skill levels, from those who have never sung before to those who have been musicians their whole life! Our music ministry is a community that worships together, supports each other, makes music together and has fun together. Below are some of the music opportunities available here at Our Lady of Lourdes.



Ongoing Music Groups

Saturday Evening Group

Led by Mary Shamrell, this group ministers at the Saturday 5pm Masses and consists of a small group of singers accompanied by guitar, piano and percussion. Rehearsals for this group are 4pm on Saturday before Mass. This music group is open to anyone in high school and above (or ages 14+). If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Mary Shamrell at [email protected] or 360-695-1366 ext. 102.

9am Music Group

The 9am Music Group is led by Amy Johnson and includes singers and piano. Rehearsals for this group are most Thursdays from 2-3pm and is open to anyone in high school and above (or ages 14+). Please contact Teresa Dody at [email protected] or 360-695-1366 ext. 302. if you are interested in joining this group.

Adult Choir 

The adult choir is directed by Dr. Teresa Dody and ministers Sundays at the 11am Mass. Right now this choir sings in Soprano, Alto and Baritone parts, however, we would love to gain a few more men to be able to sing Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass parts. We sometimes also use percussion and the organ. Rehearsals for the adult choir are most Thursdays from 6:30-8pm. This choir is open to anyone in high school and above (or ages 14+). If you are interested in joining the adult choir, please contact Teresa Dody at [email protected] or 360-695-1366 ext. 302.

Youth Choir

This choir is directed by Dr. Teresa Dody and is open to youth grades 3-10 (ages 9-16). Singing in 2 part harmonies, this group offers an opportunity for our younger people to become familiar with looking at music and singing in a choir. All cantor opportunities are given to youth in this group who wish to cantor. Youth are also given opportunities to play percussion instruments, and may also bring their own instruments if they play an instrument at home or school (flute, violin, clarinet, trumpet etc.). The Youth Choir ministers once per month at the Sunday 5pm Mass and rehearses Wednesdays from 4:15-5:00 pm. If you have a youth interested in joining the youth choir, please contact Teresa Dody at [email protected] or 360-695-1366ext. 302.

 Click here for Youth Choir Registration Form



Sunday Evening Worship Team

This group is led by Dr. Teresa Dody. Praise Team ministers at the Sunday 5pm Mass and rehearses just before mass at 4pm . This group is open to anyone in high school and above (or ages 14+). We are in need of more singers, and welcome other solo instruments. Both the young and young at heart are invited to please join us!

Seasonal Music Groups

Men's Choir

The men's choir is a  group that is under the direction of Jerry Smith. This group sings at Christmas time, as well as a few other times throughout the year. Men, if you are looking for some music and fellowship and want to try it out please contact the group’s organizer, Paul Quimby at [email protected] 

Our Lady of Lourdes Christmas Choir

This seasonal choir rehearses from the beginning of November until Christmas and ministers for the 5pm Christmas Eve Mass. This groups also performs at The Grotto Christmas Festival of Lights in Portland, Oregon (see more info here: This choir is open to anyone in 3rd grade and above. Adults (ages 14+) and youth rehearse at separate times. If you want to sing in a choir on a short term commitment or just want an opportunity to celebrate and spread the joy of Christmas, please join us!


Our Lady of Lourdes Triduum and Easter Choir

This seasonal choir rehearses about a month and a half leading up to Easter and ministers for Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and one of the Easter Sunday Masses. This choir is open to anyone in high school and above (ages 14+) for the Triduum Services and anyone in grades 3 and above (Ages 9+) for Easter Sunday. This is another great opportunity to get involved in music ministry without having to commit every Sunday!