First Communion

First Reconciliation/Communion 2021


This year, we will be offering two different options for First Communion/First Reconciliation prep. There will be a home track and a classroom track. 

 The Archdiocese of Seattle requires that all sacramental preparation, including preparing for one's first communion, to happen in their parish. Our new first communion program embraces "family-led" catechesis. We know our families are busy, and bring with them a rich diversity of experiences. As our ritual for infant baptism says, parents and guardians are "the first and best of teachers" for their children. We utilize the "Blessed" First Reconciliation and First Communion programs from Dynamic Catholic. 

When's the next parent and guardian information workshop? 

September 30, 2020, 7:30pm, over Zoom. The meeting will cover how the First Reconciliation/First Communion program works, how to sign up, and information on how the two different tracks will work within the COVID pandemic. The link for the zoom can be found here.

What does this program look like? 

        Home Track

Parents and Guardians attend a training session. These can also happen by appointment. You’ll receive your student’s Reconciliation workbook and all you need to know about using it with your student.

Your family completes the workbook at your own pace. Ideally, this means a chapter a week for six weeks, but it’s meant to be flexible.

Schedule a meeting with Sean. You, your student, and I will review the work he or she has done and we'll have a conversation about Reconciliation. This isn't an oral exam - I want to know your student really "gets it." Key things I'll ask about: sin, how to go to confession, a favorite bible story, who is Jesus, what an act of contrition is, etc.  If it's clear your student has mastered the most important material, families may then decide when their student will make their first Reconciliation. At our Advent Penance service, first timers will be invited to line up at their desired station before everyone else. Families may also choose to attend one of our Saturday afternoon Reconciliation times, or make an appointment with Fr. Woody. 

Families then begin the second workbook, to prepare for first Communion, in the same way. When your book is completed, we’ll meet and talk with your student about what he or she has learned. All families will be invited to participate in a retreat opportunity. In the past this has been on one Saturday morning, but we’ll have multiple opportunities at different days and times for this experience (Saturday morning, Wednesday afternoon/evening, Sunday afternoon, etc.). 

When your student has completed the book, met with me, and had a retreat experience, your family can schedule their first Communion at any weekend Mass. Your family will sit in a special pew and your child can wear their special first communion outfit. This allows your family to pick your ideal weekend, whenever you’ve finished preparation. As with our infant baptisms, families cannot schedule a first communion during Lent (unless there is a true emergency). Lent 2020 is Wednesday, February 26 through Thursday, April 9. We reserve the right to restrict the number of families who can have reserved pews, and we cannot guarantee special seating for big holy days, such as Christmas or Easter. 

On the fifth Sunday of Easter, we’ll have a special blessing at all weekend masses for everyone who received communion for the first time that year. This way we can include and celebrate students who have received sacraments at Easter. Your child can wear their special outfit for this weekend, too. We’ll have a celebratory cake reception after each Mass on this weekend. For 2021, this special blessing and reception would happen on the weekend of April 25th. Under the old model, this is the same weekend we would have our traditional First Communion Weekend in 2020. 

Classroom Track

If your family would rather not be on the home track, we will be offering a weekly classroom meeting for kids going through their Sacramental Prep. The classroom track would be set up so that kids could go through their First Reconciliation preparation in the fall and be ready to receive the sacrament in December. In the spring, they would go through the preparation for First Communion, and they would be able to receive their First Communion starting on April 25th. For the time being, the class will meet after school over zoom from 4-5pm.  The schedule for meetings are as follows:

First Reconciliation

First Communion

October 14

January 27

October 21

February 10

October 28

February 24

November 18

March 10

December 2

March 24

December 16

April 14


April 21


*The retreat for all students in both tracks will likely be virtual this year. Look for more information on how this will work in January. 

How much does it cost? 

It costs the parish about $25 per child to prepare them for their first reconciliation and first communion. We ask families to make a donation of $25 to help cover this cost, which includes books and retreat materials. No family registered at Our Lady of Lourdes will ever be turned away because they cannot pay, and any donation over and above $25 will help cover the cost of materials for all our students. Checks may be made to "OLL" and you can donate online here. Be sure to select "First Communion" under the Faith Formation drop-down box. 

 If you would like to sign your child up for First Communion, click here and please fill out the form.

Questions?  send me an email at [email protected] or click here.

In Christ,

Sean Curtis

Pastoral Assistant for Faith Formation