Children's Faith Formation 2020-21

Children's Faith Formation 2020-2021

Children's Faith Formation Activities: Click Here

In the midst of the current pandemic, we will be unable to have children's faith formation in person for the time being. With that in mind, we are trying things a bit differently this year. At its core, this year's children's faith formation program will rely on parents being the primary catechist, but we will do everything we can to help parents be as prepared for this role as possible. As a result, the program will have two main parts:

Zoom Meetings: Every other Sunday from 12:00-1:00pm, we will have a zoom presentation that is labeled as an adult faith formation event covering the basics of the faith. At this meeting, we will dive into topics ranging from church history to the afterlife to reading scripture. After the presentation, there will be some time for discussion and questions on the topic. Attending these will give parents an opportunity to get an adult understanding of the topics they will then be teaching to their kids. 

After this first zoom meeting, we will have a follow-up zoom meeting just for parents. At this meeting, Sean will work with parents to break down the information from the adult meeting so that parents will have an idea of how to explain it to children. 

Faith Formation Website: After the two zoom meetings, Sean will post a few activities on the faith formation website. These will be simple games, object lessons, and crafts that parents can use to teach their children the topic. The faith formation website can be found by clicking here

To summarize, every other week, there will be an initial zoom meeting designed for adults about a subject such as "What are Sacraments?" Afterward, there will be a zoom meeting so that Sean can help parents take the information on Sacraments and break it down in a way that kids can understand. Finally, there will be a post on the faith formation website that gives activities to help kids better understand the Sacraments. 

The schedule is as follows:

Date Topic
October 18 Salvation History
November 1 Divine Revelation/Experiencing God
November 15 Who is Jesus?
November 29 What is the Church?
December 13 Who is the Holy Spirit?
January 10 Church History
January 24 Prayer
Feburary 7 Mass
February 21 Moral Theology/10 Commandments
March 7 Sacraments
March 21 Catholic Social Teaching
April 11 Working With Other Religions
April 25 Eschatology and the Afterlife

Initial zoom presentation at noon on Sundays listed:

Follow-up zoom meeting (typically around 12:30pm on day of initial zoom meetings):

Families are welcome to drop-in to the zoom meetings and use the faith formation website without registering for children's faith formation, but registering helps us keep track of which families are involved (you need a year of faith formation in some way before First Communion), and it gets that family on an email list for Sean to be able to be in touch with you throughout the year. To register, click here

Since there is no textbook or anything, the cost of the program for the 2020-21 school year is FREE, but there may be some individual cost based on what your family may need to complete some of the activities.