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We are celebrating Mass regularly with Covid-19 restrictions still in place.

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4723 NW Franklin Street Vancouver, Washington 98663

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Where should I go when I arrive at Our Lady of Lourdes?

From our parking lot, you'll see buildings on three sides. The building on the right houses our church and school. You'll see a red and white sign marking the entrance. This is the door most people use. Once inside, the doors to the church are near the end of the hall, on the right-hand side. You'll pass the doors to our school gym, where we have coffee, donuts, and fellowship (when Covid allows for this again) after the Sunday 9am and 11am Masses. 
If you find yourself on the opposite side of this building, you'll find our main church doors and a very small parking lot. These will be open too! 

What can I expect at Mass? 

We are a Catholic church, so if you've been to Mass before you'll recognize the liturgy and prayers. As Catholics, we believe using our whole bodies helps us pray more fully; at different times we stand, sit, and kneel. Fr. Leonardo, our music teams, and other volunteers lead us as we pray together. Everyone is invited to participate in the prayers, songs, and movements as they are able! You'll hear readings from the Bible, reflections on how those scriptures help us grow in our relationship with Christ today, a mix of traditional and modern Christian hymns, and prayers for our needs and those of the world. Every Mass includes communion, and all Catholics who have prepared themselves are welcome to receive. If you aren't receiving communion, please remain in your pew and pray for Christian unity and peace in our world. 

What about kids? 

Children of all ages are always welcome at Mass! There's no need to feel embarrassed if your child is fussy. God put the wiggle in children and they have every right to be present with us! If you feel the need to step outside you may, but please come back.  Consider sitting near the front, so your children have a better view of what's happening near the altar. 

What else do I need to know?

Everyone is welcome! Regardless of your beliefs or background, everyone who comes to our church is an honored guest. We're here for you. Don't feel like you have to dress up in your fanciest clothes; you'll definitely fit in with anything from casual attire to business casual, but you're welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable. 

Bathrooms are available on both ends of the hallway outside the church. The doors to the women's restrooms are in the hallway, the men's rooms are around each corner. 

After Mass, please take a moment to say "Hi!" to our pastor, Father Leonardo, and Deacon Tim and Deacon David and introduce yourself. They'd love a chance to welcome you personally!