Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017

This year, Christmas falls on a Monday. Normally when a holy day of obligation falls on a Monday, the bishops in the United States wave our obligation to go to Mass. However, because Christmas is so special, we always must celebrate it with Mass, even if it falls on a Monday. This means we go to a Mass for the 4th Sunday of Advent AND for Christmas. One Mass cannot count for two "obligations," so that means we're having a LOT of Masses that weekend!  

Here's our Mass Schedule for this very busy weekend. Pick one from the first column and one from the second, to ensure you've celebrated BOTH the 4th Sunday of Advent AND Christmas!* 

Masses for the 4th Sunday of Advent
Masses for Christmas
Saturday 12/23, 5pm


Sunday 12/24, 9am


Sunday 12/24, 11am
Sunday 12/24, 5pm (music program begins at 4pm) 


Sunday 12/24, 7:30pm


Monday 12/25, 12am (midnight, Incense)


Monday 12/25, 9am (Incense)


*if you want to get REALLY technical, you could come to either of the Sunday evening Masses as your "4th Sunday" obligation, and then attend either midnight or Monday 9am for your "Christmas" obligation. Just be aware that we're using readings and prayers for Christmas at those Masses, so they won't be the best way to really celebrate the 4th Sunday of Advent. But if that's the only option that works for you, you'll have your two obligations covered!